Today's lesson:
Read Poetry:

Create your own poems:

The Simple Life powerpoint!!!

Most used links:
Harcourt Online Reading Tests-take our tests here.

Aspire-Take assigned Aspire tests here. 

Online Math Book and Tests

Online Social Studies book

Accelerated Reader log-in

AR Book Find-find the level of your favorite book. 

Brainpop and Brainpop Jr (username anthemschool and password anthem)

Typing practice
Life Sized Blue Whale-Ever wanted to see how big the largest animal on Earth really is?  Here's your chance.

BBC Bitesize
-some fun activities from the British Broadcasting Company.  

Toys in Space-Join Buzz Lightyear and learn more about space travel and NASa


Online Math Book

user name: anthem   password:  books

Storytime Online-Have books read to you by famous actors!

Grammar Skill Practice


AR log-in

Wacky Web Games-Create funny MadLibs and practice your grammar skills.

Spelling City